Opening Hours and Fees


Our rates are all based on one rate of £4.80 per hour.

We still have standard Nursery sessions such as Morning/Afternoon and Full day, but we have also added a bit more flexibility to the hours which we hope will help you with your finances and us organising team rotas.

A Standard Full Day Rate

8am – 6pm which is 10 hours @£4.80 = £48.00

Examples of flexible hours are:

6am -2pm = 8 hours@£4.80 = £38.40   

8am-5pm = 9 hours@£4.80 =£43.20

Half Days remain as such

8am-1pm = £24.00  and 1pm – 6pm = £24.00

All the above prices include cooked lunch and tea, with breakfast in the morning session.

Term Time Rates – We also offer term time rates for children attending a minimum of 3 days. They are the same as above £4.80 per hour, but the bill is calculated over 39 weeks instead of 51.

You will receive a bill towards the end of each month for next month’s fees, which must be paid in advance by standing order.

Please note that terms and conditions of the rates change when your child falls under the Childcare Offer when they become 3 years of age.

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