All about our Baby Room

We understand that this can be the most distressing age for parents to leave a child as quite often the child has not been parted from their parents for any significant length of time up until this point, but please trust us when we say that this is quite often the least distressing age for the child to settle somewhere new. All of the baby room teamwork every day to ensure that there is a consistency with your child’s care.

 When you first start

We know that when you first start there can be a lot of information to remember so here is a list of items that your child needs for nursery each time he/she attends, these can either be bought in each day or to make it easier we will provide a care bag here at nursery that you can store items in and the girls will let you know when anything runs out.

  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes (or an alternative if you prefer)
  • Set of spare clothes
  • Cream for nappy rash
  • Comforter
  • A toothbrush
  • Teething gel/powder
  • Calpol (if you have agreed to allow us to administer)

How the group works

Our baby room is split into two areas:

The play area- here the children are encouraged to meet their own individual milestones through activities carried out by our nursery nurses. The activities are planned weekly and monitored by the team leader who makes sure that the babies are having lots of fun whilst they develop. Your child’s weekly plans are displayed within the baby room for you to see what he/she is going to be doing.

The messy area – this is where the fun really happens, we encourage our babies to become involved in messy play as early as possible so that they can get used to exploring different types of textures. By using things such as edible paint, edible play dough and rice pudding we can give the babies a real sensory experience without having to worry about goes in their mouths as it is all completely safe. This area is also where the babies have their meals, we believe that babies shouldn’t be moved up and downstairs for safety reasons, so they have their own space right next to their playroom to enjoy their food.

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