Older Toddlers

All about our Older Toddler Room

Toddler aged children can be the most difficult to settle as they are very unsure about what is happening  but we do find that once settled this age group really enjoys being in an environment surrounded by other children and can form some very close friendships even at this young age.

 When you first start with us

We know that when you first start there can be a lot of information to remember so here is a list of items that your child needs for nursery each time he/she attends, these can either be brought in each day or to make it easier we will provide a care bag for your child here at nursery that you can store items in and the girls will let you know when anything runs out.

  • Nappies/pull ups
  • Wet wipes (or an alternative if you prefer)
  • Set of spare clothes
  • Socks/underwear
  • Slippers
  • Comforter
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Calpol (if you have agreed to allow us to administer)


How the group works

Our Older Toddler group are a group of children that have moved up from the Younger Toddler Group and usually aged between 2-3 years. They follow set planning everyday which is based on the Foundation Phase principles. The activities are planned fortnightly and monitored by the team on a daily basis.

Each group within the Nursery has a base room and the Older toddlers have one upstairs although they also travel downstairs quiet often. In this room the children are able to learn through play in areas such as, mark making, construction and role play.

They use the messy room throughout the day to explore their creative side using materials such sand, water, play dough and paint. When downstairs the children also access the outdoor areas which are set up with similar resources to inside to ensure that they have just as much fun learning outside as in. The toddler children have access to all areas of the garden which include the sensory garden and allotments. The children participate in a planned outdoor sensory activity each week to get them used to spending time outdoors in the garden and make sure they get lots of fresh air. The allotment area is used by the children from around March to October and in here the children are encouraged to get involved in the growing, looking after and picking of fresh fruit and vegetables, most of which then end up in their tummies as part of their dinners or tea!  

The Older Toddlers use all the rooms within the nursery on ground floor and upstairs to get them used to travelling up and down the stairs.

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