Covid 19

Covid 19

We have a Covid19 Risk Assessment which will be sent through to you with our Brochure. This will show you risks identified and what we have put in place to combat that risk.

This risk assessment has meant that we have had to change some of our practises.

Parents are no longer allowed into the Nursery, so most communication now has to take place via email.

Children wash their hands at the entrance before going into the main rooms. They also follow handwashing guidelines through the day. We social distance staff to staff but not staff to child so your child will never lack affection and attention.

We have always been a Nursery that promotes the outdoors and we are fortunate to have grounds that really cant be beaten. Added to the outside in 2020 were outside classrooms  for preschool and toddlers and a cover over the decking outside the baby and toddler areas all allowing more opportunities to stay outside.

In 2021 a new larger outside cover will be built over the patio.

At the start of the pandemic we adopted the Denmark model of bubbles immediately. We have used bubbles that correspond with the adult to child ratios that are set by CIW.   Although our registered numbers increased to 70 children in 2020, we have kept our numbers to 50 so we can have a bubble per room. 

Cleaning has always been a priority in childcare so this was simply reviewed and extra cleaning was implemented when groups moved. 

PPE (Masks/Visors) were not originally worn inside Nursery. We did remain open throughout the pandemic with fairly high numbers of children. In that time we had 2 cases. However the new strain that arose in 2021 infected 11 of our 25 children and 3 children in the space of one week so we reviewed our practices and all we could see that may stop that happening again was to wear PPE when passing through communal areas and when passing children from and to parents.

Viewings are all done on Saturdays and weekday evenings by appointment only.

If you have any further questions about our Covid19 practices please email us on hello@chuckles.wales




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