Nursery Policies

Behaviour Management Policy

At Chuckles, the team have a belief that a child should grow up to respect the environment in which they live and the people around them.  This is introduced to the child through guidance and example and positive behaviour techniques

On some occasions where a child’s behaviour becomes unacceptable, it is necessary to adopt a time-out policy.  The aim of time out is to remove the child from the activity they are disrupting, enabling them to reflect on what they have done and for the nursery nurses to explain why their actions were unacceptable.  A younger child will be distracted with an alternative activity.  If the problem persists, issues of discipline are discussed with parents to reach a solution.

Participation Policy

Participation is when people are given the opportunity to express their views effectively and for those views to be listened to and taken account of. At Chuckles we encourage children, parents and the team to participate in the areas of the Nursery which affect them. There are a variety of ways that children can participate, such as picture questionnaires, circle time and through group question and answer sessions (mind mapping).

Anti- Bullying Policy

No person should feel they are victimised/bullied because of their colour, race, religion, disability, gender, age or for any other reason.  If at any time a member of the team feels a child in their care is being victimised/bullied they will report it immediately to their Team Leader.  The matter will be dealt with immediately and in confidence and the necessary parents will be contacted.

Child Protection Policy

At Chuckles the well being of all children must come first.  We are committed to working in partnership with families and other agencies and feel that this is in the best interest of children who use our services.

Members of the Chuckles team have a responsibility to use their professional judgement in how to act upon concerns which arise over the health or welfare of any child in their care, and this may, on some very rare occasions result in a referral to Children & Family Services for advice or investigation.  They will be honest with parents about any action that they undertake, except in cases where this may affect the safety of the child concerned.

On no account will any information regarding concerns about a child be shared with any other nursery user.

Should a member of the Chuckles Team become under suspicion of harming any child whether it be in the work place or outside in their personal lives, the Nursery Manager will inform Children & Family Services immediately, and that member of the team will be suspended from work until they have been fully cleared.

The Protection of Children Act 1999 created a single system for identifying people unsuitable to work with children, which combined the previous Department of Health’s “Consultancy Index List” and the Department of Education’s “List 99” with police criminal records. Any person employed by Chuckles Nursery will be checked against this list when undergoing their CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau). It is an offence to employ anyone on this list.

If a member of the team suspects that the person collecting a child is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the child will have to remain on the premises until another member of the family is contacted. This will be recorded and Children & Family Services notified. Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to collect a child from the Nursery with or without the parent’s permission.

Additional Learning Needs Policy

Children with additional learning needs are very welcome within Chuckles.  We would point out, however, that the following should be considered:-
(1) The geographical nature of the building is suitable
(2) Whether the needs of the child can be met within the general day to day routine.
If additional trained personnel are required we will have to discuss any costs.

Additionally the team should have

  1. As much information as possible concerning the child
  2. Help and support from the caring agencies
  3. The parents commitment to work in partnership with the nursery team
  4. The support of the parents and the caring agencies in an agreed system of continuous assessment and records.

Equality Policy

This policy refers to person’s that have “protected characteristics” (PC). These are the groups previously protected by equality legislation; they are age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity.

Chuckles Day Care Wales is committed to ensuring that anyone directly involved with the company will not be subjected to any types of discrimination

The Manager is responsible for ensuring that information, guidance, advice and support is given on any issues regarding equality all person’s involved with Chuckles in order to prevent discrimination occurring

For full details on the types of discrimination that may occur and how the management will prevent them occurring please request a copy of the full equality policy

Confidentiality Policy

It is Chuckles policy to treat all parent/child information with the utmost confidentiality. 

Information is:-
Personal records relating to the parent/child
Medical records relating to the child
Progress reports relating to the child
Discussions with and relating to the parent/child
If it is necessary for health/progress information to be used by someone outside Chuckles, it will be released only on written authorisation from the parent/carer.
Should there seem to be a risk to the child’s safety a breach of confidentiality may be necessary; however this will only be done with proper consultation and will be a joint not an individual decision.

Left / Lost Children

Chuckles closes at 6pm each day.  If an emergency arises and you cannot collect your child you must contact the Nursery to let them know and to tell them who will be collecting your child in your place. Any child left after 6pm will be charged per 15 minutes. If no call has been received and we cannot contact you ourselves, we will notify firstly Children & Family Services and then the local Police.  May I remind you at this time that Chuckles licence runs from 6am to 6pm.  Our insurance does not cover your child outside these times.

Should a child become lost whilst on a trip outside the Nursery we will contact the Police if your child is not found within five minutes and then yourselves and Social Services immediately after.

Complaints Procedure

Should you ever feel it necessary to make a complaint about our Childcare procedures, please contact the Nursery Manager who must address your issue within 14 days. (which can be extended a further 28 days on agreement from all parties involved)  However, and I hope this never has to happen,  if you feel the need to make a complaint about the Manager or are not happy with the response from the Manager, please contact myself, Lisa Owen (telephone number can be obtained by contacting Tara Owen the Nursery or by email on lisa@chuckles.wales

All complaints will be dealt with confidentially and a copy of the outcome will be forwarded to the CIW.

Should the matter remain unresolved, the complainant can contact the nursery who will arrange for an impartial advisor to hear the complaint, if this advisor still fails to resolve the issue then the complainant can request formal consideration of the complaint by the CIW and their details can be obtained by requesting a copy of Chuckles complaints procedure

Sickness / Illness Policy

Part of growing up means that the child will go through a whole of series of illnesses, all quite common and in most cases nothing to be feared. For the parents of a child, it must seem that their children are constantly suffering from something or other whether it is a common cold or an ear infection.
When children first attend nursery, they are coughed over by infants with a multitude of viruses, and this is frequently their worst year for infections. Eventually some immunity is acquired and the number of illnesses gradually decreases each year until adulthood. At Chuckles we have an obligation to children to minimise illnesses and infections so even though the child may be quite happy to come to nursery, we reserve the right to refuse admittance.

Collecting your child from Nursery

We understand it is difficult, but it is imperative you collect your child as soon as possible after being contacted. We have to act quickly to reduce the spread of infection within the Nursery.

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