Children go through a lot of transition in the first few years of their lives but we are there to support that and to keep you up to date of how they are doing whilst they move through the stages

The First days at Nursery

We understand that your child’s first time away from you can be upsetting for them and probably moreso for you. For this reason we offer free settling in sessions. The length of time each session lasts and the number of times you do them really depends on both of you. We just want you both ready to start your time with us.

You will be given Care Sheets which will give you the opportunity to tell us anything you feel we should know about your child such as eating, sleeping, and toileting habits.

As they get older….

As your children grow they will change groups, babies to toddlers, toddlers to preschool, and you will be informed of this each time as practises change within each group as the children develop towards school. All the way through their stay, we will carry out annual assessments on their progress becoming termly as they move towards preschool and these will be discussed with you.

The assessments will then be passed to the primary school your child will attend so that the teacher will have a picture of your child and their abilities. Transition to school will depend on the school you will attend. Some allow the children to visit the school and some the teachers come here to see the child. Whatever the procedure we will work with them and you to accommodate this.

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