Pre School

All about our Pre-school Room

By pre-school age children are usually more than ready for the fun and excitement that nursery will bring. This age group really enjoys meeting new friends and taking on the challenge of new experiences and learning, and here at Chuckles we aim to make this learning as interesting as possible.

When you first start with us

 We know that when you first start there can be a lot of information to remember so here is a list of items that your child needs for nursery each time he/she attends, some items need to be bought each day in a small bag and others can be stored here and we will ask you when we need new ones.

  • Nappies/pull ups (if needed)
  • Wet wipes/or an alternative if you prefer
  • Set of spare clothes
  • Socks/underwear
  • Slippers (can be left here)
  • Comforter (we only encourage the use of these when the children 1st start)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (can be left here)
  • Calpol if you have agreed to allow us to administer (can be left here)

Each group within the Nursery has a base room and the Pre-School have two on the second floor. In these rooms the children are able to learn through play in areas such as maths, mark making, construction and role play.

They come downstairs to explore their creative side using materials such sand, water, play dough and paint. When downstairs the children also have the choice of being indoors or out. The outdoor areas are set up with similar resources to inside to ensure that those children who want to spend the majority of time outside are still able to access learning in all the key areas. The Pre-School children have access to all areas of the garden which include the forest school area and allotments. The Pre-School children participate in a planned forest school activity each week and learn skills such as identifying plants and animals, making items out of natural materials and also fire safety when lighting a camp fire. The allotment area is used by the Pre-School children from around March to October and in here the children are encouraged to get involved in the growing, looking after and picking of fresh fruit and vegetables, most of which then end up in their tummies as part of their dinners or tea!   

How the group works

 The Pre-School group is run as one whole group although at various times during their session children will be taken into key worker groups by a member of the team to complete focused task, which are activities led by one of the team members that teach the children specific skills that they can then further develop during free play. This means that the children have a chance to interact with all of their friends throughout the day as well as receiving quality teaching sessions. Teaching is carried out in line with the Foundation Phase curriculum which is explained below. The children are placed into key worker groups based on their ability and these groups are reviewed monthly to ensure that the children are moved in line with their development. We also able provide one to one sessions with children who may need additional help in some areas of learning.

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