At Chuckles, since the day we opened, (nothing to do with Jamie Oliver), we have always promoted healthy eating and are proud to say we have successfully converted many “poor eaters” over the years. This is the best age to encourage children to sample a wide range of foods to set them up for a healthy balanced diet for the rest of their lives. 

In 2019 the Welsh Government launched………. and they launched it here at Chuckles as healthy eating was so well embedded in our ethos 

Menus are designed a month at a time and sent out with the monthly newsletter so that you can see what the children are having and don’t arrange Spaghetti Bolognese on the same day they are having it here. 

During the summer months we replace some of our cooked teas with salad’s which include lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, spring onions, new potatoes, coleslaw, potato salad and a selections of cold meats or fish. 

Breakfast is Weetabix unless your child has a specific allergy to it. 

Water is served with each meal and throughout the day and a selection of fruit is served after lunch. 


Some foods may contain genetically modified ingredients. Some of our meals may include ingredients that contain 1 or more of the following 14 allergens: celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, sulphur dioxide. 

If you have any concerns regarding any of the above allergens please speak to a member of our team immediately. 

*All dietary requirements can be catered for please feel free to speak to a member of our team for alternative meal choices 


Unless your child does not eat their meal no entry will be made in their daily diary unless they are just starting to eat or are new with us and you feel they have an issue with food and you would like to monitor it. 

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